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Statement on Delayed and Re-Run Elections

LEON calls for a high level of protection for the NEC staff and voters in both areas shou elections take place, so as to restore confidence in election processes. LEON also calls o the police to investigate and arrest perpetrators of serious crimes whilst releasing demonstrators if there is no evidence of crimes committed. 

The Liberia Elections Observation Network is continuing to follow the delayed elections in Nomodatanau, Gbarpulo, and re-run elections to be held in two Polling Precincts in Grand Kru. These Senatorial races are very tight in these counties, so tensions are high. In Nomodatanau, NEC staff were beaten when trying to hold the elections on the 15th, and townspeople, particularly women, were intimidated and raped. In Grand Kru 10 people were arrested for demonstrating outside the tally center over changed results. The demonstration was initially peaceful and justified due to the circumstances and LEON calls on the authorities to take this into consideration.

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