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June 2022 Report “Lofa Voted!!!”

In this month’s Monthly, we cover our observation  of the by-elections in Lofa County on June 28,  2022. We report on our findings and the utility of  our inference on the outcome of the polls. 

The regular theme of our Monthly is not  overlooked though. This edition again covers  the socio-economic trends in electoral districts  around the country. Long Term-Observers report  that road accessibility is relatively good, but road  maintenance remains a key challenge in some  areas. Inflation in prices of Liberian staples remain  a serious economic situation with adverse impact  on the purchasing power of ordinary Liberians in  the districts. The absence of Liberian bank notes  (lower denominations) is highlighted as an issue  of concern for citizens which creates serious  transactional disadvantage in many cases as  much needed “change” must be let go.

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