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Biometric Voter Registration Report

This report presents the full and comprehensive account of the Liberia Elections ObservationNetwork’s (LEON) observation of Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) processes in Liberia. The report covers the National Elections Commissions (NEC) pre-BVR processes such as tendering and award of the BVR kits contract, recruitment of temporary BVR staff, observer accreditation, and BVR awareness and publicity across the 15 counties. The report provides
summarized observation findings on the two-phased voter registration exercise as implemented by NEC. The report also provides a brief overview of the legal and political context within which the NEC implemented the BVR exercises.

The report lauds NEC for generally administering the BVR process effectively including ensuring smooth recruitment of temporary staff, the prudent introduction of a pre-registration online portal, adherence to timelines, publicizing double, and multiple registrants to discourage fraud and ensure the integrity of the voter roll and, NEC’s opening of the second tendering demonstration process to ensure transparency in procurement. NEC’s continuous
media engagements and citizens update strategies are said to have been very successful. The success of NEC in biometric voter registration is symbolized by the announcement of a provisional voter roll consisting of 2,468,942 eligible voters pending finalization of the deduplication process. This number is down 7,414 registrants on the 2020 final roll.

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